Emergency Tree Services


Emergency tree services are in increasing demand, as heavy wind storms that cause tree damage, have been more frequent in Sydney area over the last several years. North Shore Tree King Tree Services provides emergency tree removal services for storm-damaged or hazardous trees that have failed and caused damage to your property. We can also help with storm damage prevention via preventative pruning and selective tree removal.

Whenever you feel that a tree has become a hazard to yourself, your family, or community, simply call us. We’ll evaluate the problem on site, and determine the safest and most efficient method of removing the tree and/or branches. After an evaluation of your situation, we identify any potential risks and then discuss the options available with you, providing detailed estimates when needed. At Tree King Tree Services, we try to ensure that all the options remain within your budget, and prompt emergency tree services are provided.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Services Calls

Emergencies can take place at any time and we need to address them as soon as possible, to limit or dismiss any unwanted consequences. Emergency tree circumstances are no exception and the damages that can inflict if no action is taken immediately, can be considerable.
This is why at Tree King Tree Services, we made sure we can be reached 24 hours a day, any day of the week, in case of an emergency.
One of our staff members will take up the call, so there will be no delays with checking voice mails, and forward your problem to the suitable arborists, who will be able to handle your situation. In cases where time is of essence, we are able to assemble a team of specialists who will be able to assist immediately.
If you are in Sydney Metropolitan area or any surrounding areas and are faced with an emergency, do not despair, just contact Tree King Tree Services on 04 04 04 33 33 for any emergency tree services.